November 24, 2009

Cartocacoethes: Squagellan & United Steak

Mrs Eley points us to this website Strange Maps ( which has an ongoing series of Accidental Geography. They dub the phenomenon "Cartocacoethes: (i.e. the uncontrollable urge to see maps in everyday, non-cartography-related objects)". Besides the interesting images of recognizable map-shapes lurking in the mundane, there's some nice puns & portmanteaus in good use: like "squagellan", the gnawed pumpkin South America to the left, a "portmanteau of the culprit [the squirrel who bit the pumpkin], and the explorer Magellan (who sailed around the continent along the Straits that bear his name)." As for the United Steak, they suspect the artist of tampering with the image, but it is a potent icon. More of these here. including a Gingerbread District of Columbia, a doormat Estonia, & a cornflake in the shape of Illinois.

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Dominic Episcopo said...

This is my artwork, please credit it Photo: Dominic Episcopo. To see more work go to