November 13, 2009

All Forgotten & Leonard Cohen

Mr Quill finally updated us on his complete of the marathon from Athens to Marathon:

How to describe the running? Words spring to mind. Endless. Pain. There were at last three men running in Spartan (not figurative) outfits, including swords and shields. I passed one of them around kilometer 35 and wondered how he could have possibly stayed ahead of me for this long. The first 10 kilometers were effortless, passing people regularly and probably moving generally faster than I should have...


Beer? Check. Steak? Check. Goals accomplished.

The full report here. He also inspired me to buy tickets to see Leonard Cohen, playing tonight at the Sharks hockey arena in San Jose. Here's from his reaction after he saw the show in Eastern Europe:
I didn't even know that this was Leonard Cohen's first tour in fourteen years. I expected that it would be a good concert and that the coolness points were not to be ignored (I mean, Leonard Cohen in Bucharest. Come on!). In this case, my ignorance just made me that much more impressed. Really, it probably made little difference.

It turns out that my comment after the concert that it was the perhaps the best band I've ever seen may have satisfied Leonard Cohen. I now feel the need to research and listen to Javier Mas, The Webb Sisters, and Sharon Robinson and then simply lie back in awe of the idea of having them as one's band...
I was like, pox on Leonard Cohen in Bucharest, what's cooler than Leonard Cohen in San Jose? In celebration of this exciting evening, here's the song "Memories" from Cohen's strange forgotten 1977 collaboration with Phil Spector, Death of a Ladies Man:

Leonard Cohen - Memories .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine


Steven said...

Wow, those 'Death of a Ladies Man' arrangements are every bit as awful as I remembered. He hired Phil Spector to produce, and instead got "Phil Spector," a bloated simulacrum.

S. Sandrigon said...

Thanks for commenting, Steven. I don't know, I kind of love the production on that song. Not your everyday Leonard Cohen, but fun for a special occasion.