November 15, 2009

10th & 18th Best Selling Singles Worldwide of All Time: Baccara & Goombay Dance Band

Mr Mary, Miss Wernicky & I were going thru listening to the songs listed as best-selling singles worldwide of all time. It is a surprising list filled with gems & startling bizarre forgotten sensations. The first is Elton John's Princess Diana song, the second is Bing Crosby's White Christmas, but could you possibly have predicted this song as the 10th best selling song ever, above any Beatles or Michael Jackson song:

It seemed Baccara rode a short-lived wave of trendiness until, as the Wikipedia puts it, "by 1981 the duo's distinctive blend of disco, pop and Spanish folk music was no longer fashionable". How soon the pedals fall from the flower! Here's another gem from the list, Goombay Dance Band coming in at 18, still five above 'Billy Jean:


Anonymous said...

the world wants to know if your going to cover the sun of jamaica too?

Anonymous said...

Sun of Jamaica to?