October 28, 2009

More Chatting: "Segue-test Film Ever Made"

Remember when we played guess-the-director for the upcoming weird "Bad Lieutenant" movie. Mr Quill just sent me an article with an update on the movie, the headline in Paste: "Werner Herzog's Bizarro Nic Cage Flick Railroaded on Theatrical Release." We weren't sure what that means:

me: railroaded?

James: I think that's bad
8:45 AM me: Hmm
Like, on the fast train to DVD?
I can't figure it out. We're supposed to know if we're hollywoody types I guess.
Did you hear Herzog's film has been zeppelined?
James: great!
me: Why would call that great?
8:46 AM James: just guessing
me: Remember when Scorsese's Mary-Kate Olsen project was Zeppelined?
And it made them both hovercraft?
8:47 AM It was a total skateboard.
James: was our film ever segued?
me: Segue-test film ever made!
8:48 AM James: that's a relief
8:49 AM me: Our film - man, what a gem.
James: still underappreciated on the youtube

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Quill said...

I see you railroaded our conversation.