October 07, 2009

Catering Conversation #5,780

Next installment in an endless ongoing series of conversations at work, my job last night was serving behind a buffet line for a swanky San Francisco party for bankers. This month, I've often been working next to this dude named Charles, who fails to detect deadpan jokes with such splendid seriousness that I keep upping the ante.

Me: You realize how easy it would be to put a humongous booger in these mashed potatoes?
Charles: Shit, no, dude, that's nasty.
Me: No, I'm serious. I could easily put a big booger right there in the buffet, & no one would ever know.
Charles: Ah! That's like my worst fear. I'm always like freaked out someone's been pulling that shit.
Me: But they're bankers! It's just one booger.
Charles: You're sick, dude.

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