September 01, 2009

"Stop Him!" & "Follow That Car!"

Go to a metropolitan park. When a bicyclist bikes by, perhaps shriek & yell "Stop him!!" Hopefully, three burly men will chase down the bike & tackle him. By this point, of course, you'll be long gone. (A scooter could help in your swift departure in the other direction.) The humor, which you can only imagine, is the baffled interaction between the helpful men & the cyclist. For safety, make sure you target a biker with protection, unlike this man setting a bad example:

A related prank is running up to & jumping in a taxi & yelling "Follow that car!" Hopefully the taxi driver will run red lights & cut off cars while changing lanes to keep up with whichever unsuspecting car you've targeted. Who knows, you might end up in New Jersey!

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sarah said...

these are dumb pranks