September 23, 2009

A Hue and Cry

I get a lot of mass emails from my friend Bantu--here's today's fare.

IDOL worship ?
IDLE worship ?


IDEAL worship ?

After immersion .. ?

The Day after ..

Would you like your Gods bulldozed like garbage ?

and treated like this ... ?

or dumped like this ?

left to rot for scavengers to feast ... ?

Lying at your feet ....Helpless .. Abandoned by worshippers !

Maimed ?

Desecrated ?

And you create a hue and cry when some statue in your city gets 'desecrated' ?

You burn down busses and call for bandhs ?

Was that statue a GOD,


Is this GOD only a Statue ?

You decide.

Wake Up!
nothing will happen to you if you don't forward this mail.
But it would be great if you can do it to avoid real desecration !

Hope you will help save the environment for our future generation.

Nothing like using a small idol that we have at home.

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