September 03, 2009

First Lost & Forgotten Short Film: The Horrors of the Sunflowers!

It's here! Our summer project, to make a zombie/vampire flick with Bulgarian children, is UP.
Spread it around the youtubes, world. Is that Robert Redford on the phone? Five Stars!

(If it's running slow on your computer, turn the HD off.)
The blurb from Mr Quill's All Forgotten Blog:
The moment you've been waiting for has finally arrived. The blockbuster hit of the summer is available for free right here! It features the brilliant acting and improvisational skills of the children of the Big Little. The music of Olaf Mary, S. Sandrigon, and Barış Manço provides the perfect backdrop. The cinematography of Graine Proinseas tells the story the way it must be told. The Big Little is proud to present...


In all seriousness, if you like what you see and want to see more of it, I highly encourage you to support my project here:

This will be my last utterly shameless plug. As I've stated elsewhere in the blog, the idea is to create a media center for the students of the Big Little. The money will be used to purchase a camera and computer. I will teach the kids how to use them and to make their own films. My aim is both to provide them with new skills and to hopefully stir up some of that dormant creativity that I catch sublime glimpses of from time to time. Send the movie to your friends. Ask them for money. Seriously, tiny contributions are more than appreciated. One, five, ten dollars. It'll get us there. Enjoy the movie.
Eat & drink like happy idiots! life & love without reasons...

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