September 23, 2009

Fall Fashion 2009: This Autumn's hottest new Mamas & Babies

Some of our foxiest friends have been procreating, so as a special feature from the editors at itwaslost, here's a gallery of nature's most beautiful reproduction, & fresh from the designer's studio.

First on the runway, & the winner of the judge's special prize (due to avuncular prejudice) is Miss Lily with the handsome & well-behaved Oliver Darwin:

At five months, the young Mr Welsch already has a distinctive, how do you say it, chichi dernier cri.

This season's newest arrival, here comes Miss Jennie with one-day-old baby Kajsa, virtuously sleek in a full white ensemble:

And here's the same expecting mother a month earlier, taking her bump for a wander in the wilderness.

Speaking of sylvan parenting, when it comes mycology, why not start training young the difference twixt the poisonous & the scrumptious!? And who can't tell delectable when they come across it in the fallen leaves? Miss Zoma sure can with her stylish 2008 issue Amadeus Darius:

And finally, here's the classically lovely Miss Claire with newborn baby Alexander - they look so cute before they grow up to conquer most of the known world.

Thank you, ladies, for your hard labor to bring so much beauty onto the planet & to make Fall 2009 the most stylish season this city's seen since Jaqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy went shopping for pillbox hats. Until next autumn - -
- - the editors at itwaslost

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Brains said...

I already know misti is thinking this is her least favorite IWL post. ;-)