September 10, 2009

Correspondences: "Talk Dirty to Me"

dateWed, Sep 9, 2009 at 4:18 PM
subjectChat with Pele

3:45 PM me: Talk dirty to me.
3:46 PM Dumpsters,
Rat feces.
Pele: barf?
3:47 PM me: Gross,
Pele: ok
Acne Vulgaris
me: Ten-day-old kitty litter
More, more
Pele: Butt cheese
me: taint butter
3:48 PM Yes yes~
Pele: fat lady sweat
me: The dump!
Pele: Blister or blisters.
me: Seaweed forests
Pele: Blister of Blisters!
hey - those are nice
me: Dick Cheney's old-man diapers.
Pele: I love seaweed.
3:49 PM me: They smell a little gross tho/
dead fish.
Left in the Fridge
and Freezer burned
3:50 PM me: Ewwww
Pele: Dandruff fallen in your shoes and mashed.
snot rockets
You're losing.
3:51 PM me: It's all too good.
Pele: Old man's rotty breath.
3:52 PM me: Eel sex
Pele: Second hand smoke stuck to your clothes.
Is it?
me: Rotting raw meat juices.
Pele: gah!
3:53 PM Animal carcass under the floor boards.
me: I've heard that's only gross for a little bit.
3:54 PM Pele: Cocoa pebbles.
me: Mmmm
Do breakfast cereals count?
Pele: Who's counting?
3:55 PM me: Talk dirty to me
Pele: Oh, I am!
old flower water...
3:56 PM me: The Osmand family's parents' bedroom
Pele: fish paste
3:57 PM me: Taco Bell's kitchen bathroom after a staff party.
Pele: roach nest
We're in sync!
me: More baby!
Yeah baby!
3:58 PM Afterbirth cocktails
Pele: Dog poo, eaten by a dog, and vomited, and re-eaten.
3:59 PM What have you done!
me: Botched colonoscopy
4:00 PM Pele: Trumpet spit-valve
4:01 PM cloaca 69!
me: Ooh
4:02 PM Pele: owl pellet on a stick
4:03 PM me: Poo
Poo-Poo Platter
Pele: Deep fried poo-poo-poo
4:04 PM me: On a platter
4:05 PM Pele: Monkeys are dirty.
me: People are monkeys.
4:06 PM Pele: The scuz floating on the top.
Yes we aer.
4:07 PM me: Republicans masterbating to photographs of Palin children.
Don't go there./
Pele: Aaaaaaaaaaah
You went in that door!
4:08 PM You got out at that exit!
me: Oh no, it's too late.
4:09 PM Pele: James McGroady Gross
4:12 PM me: This has been instructional.
Pele: Plastic surgery bandages.
me: He he
Pele: Used ones.

5 minutes
4:18 PM me: You disgust me.
Paula: You asked for it.

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