August 04, 2009

Welcome Obama Babies! goodby Orly Taitz (attorney, dentist, real estate agent)

If you recall, there's always a peak in baby births nine months after a major city power outage. November 4th, there was a similar romance in the air, look how often I got kissed on Valencia Street in San Francisco:

So people were predicting a surge in babies nine months later - which is TODAY! And the amazing thing - today is of course also President Obama's birthday. And just to make everything come full circle, Obama was born on August Fourth, 1961, which means he was born exactly nine months after John F. Kennedy's election victory. (We wrote more about the Kennedy-Obama coincidences in this post: Su Diarrea Diaria). Welcome Obama babies! & into the world, very likely, the woman or man who'll be elected President in 2056.

The bizarre birther Orly Taitz has gotten herself back onto the news networks with a forged Obama Kenyan birth certificate. The birther movement is appropriately reaching its climax on Barack Obama's birthday. People are complaining this woman is getting so much face time on cable, but come on! she's truly terrific. For the sake of our international AUDIENCE what hasn't been following this, here's a recap from Jon Stewart:

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The Born Identity

And here's her freak-out on MSNBC yesterday, where she calls the mainstream media "brownshirts". And why was she live from Tel Aviv?

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Brains said...

I hadn't seen a video of this Orly lady either and I live in 'merka. Thanks.

Yesterday Huffpost argued that the Republicans' only current strategy is to get white people riled up about... who knows.

But I thought the birthers would be over because of her forged birth certificate: