August 09, 2009

The Theremin in Black Eyed Peas' "Boom Boom Pow"

So this is the biggest song on top of the charts in 2009: People were quoting the rhymes in Bulgaria, & people were dancing to it at the Evangelical Christian wedding I worked Saturday. I believe Fergie when it says "It's basically kind of to the left. We've always been kind of misfits, and so it kind of fits. The song is to the left, but it works, because we're being true to ourselves."

What is this song about. Is it about the future - - - & the sounds we might hear therein? It has robot voices, auto-correct, & 8o8 beats. The sounds of 2009, right? Maybe even 3008. But, perhaps because it's in the final minute of a four minute song, have you been hearing the bizarre un-talented theremin solo at the end? I forgive you for missing it if you were too busy getting it down. I was reminded of it, because I just came from a house-warming party, which ended in a jam session featuring a theremin which no one was sober enough to play. What futuristic song is complete without a retro theremin? I wonder if Black Eyed Peas had a real vacuum tube theremin in the studio, or if it's a computer imitation? Here's just the final fifty seconds of "Boom Boom Pow":

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Sue said...

Do you have your theremin back from Mike Dobler? I hope so.