August 21, 2009

The Legend of Stray Dog No. 242

On the Black Sea beaches in Varna, Bulgarity, last month, a cute medium-sized white dog befriended us, with an eartag numbered "242". We cast aside aspersions of touching strays & gave him a lot of love. We learned a bit about the things this dog did & did not like:

Things Two-For-Two did not like:
-Small children.

Things Two-For-Two did like:
-Being scratched on the rump.
-Our party of travelers.

Miss Proinseas was very taken with this dog, & vaguely schemed to sneak him out of the country. He followed us for a long time, but eventually went his way. Here are some photographs from her scribd book "Beautiful to Forget", stills grabbed from her camcorder:

A day or so later, at an outdoor pub that served Guinness along one of the main boulevards in Varna, in a different neighborhood than the beaches where we earlier saw the cur, we were admiring some other non-stray dogs. I believe we even toasted to #242. A few moments later, our couchsurfing host Mr Yavor said "you know there's a dog underneath your bench." And there he was, asleep underneath my bench! He acted very nonchalant about our re-acquaintance, but we couldn't believe it. I told Miss Proinseas, things happen in threes, & since we saw him twice, we were sure to run into him again. She said, it could not be, because our time in Varna was over & she was journeying North across the Danube & by plane back to another continent.

But I was right! One of our traveling party, Martichka, went back to Varna a few weeks later & saw Two-For-Two, & sent this photograph as corroboration:

If to Varna you are going, please send word from Stray Dog No. 242.