August 30, 2009

From the Tweetosphere: Nico Muhly twits Josh Groban

Our comrade Shani alerted us to a brief tweeted conversation earlier this month between young New York composer Nico Muhly (collaborator with Sam Amidon) & cheesy chanteur Josh Groban about using Apple's Garage Band to compose, that ineffable process of inspiration:

so i says, to hell with it, give me garage band, i'll do it my damn self. i mean...ya know? hun, could you pass me the vitamin water?

@joshgroban girl, everything I do starts in garage band with "musical typing" enabled.

I do have to remember everytime I say "hell" or "damn" on here how many times I will be scolded by elementary school tweechers.

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Anonymous said...

the twitter pictures makes it funnier

Olaf Mary said...

gold diamonds uses musical typing for life and for garage band

Essąn Dragone said...

Gold Diamonds - Josh Groban - Nico Muhly - great musicians from different realms all using musical typing in Garage Band to unite mankind.