August 02, 2009

Karaoké français & sexy naked Alain Souchon

I had the easiest job in the history of cater-waitering last night, basically babysitting a few sixpacks of beer for a summer French program's karaoke party. (My job would have been unnecessary could America's ludicrously high drinking age not fall halfway thru the standard college ages, creating endless awkward situations for colleges & students.) I'm surprised the curmudgeons who control the French language allowed the word 'karaoke' to seep into the language as simply 'karaoké'.

It had never occurred to me how much karaoke there is on youtube - it seems so easy now to have a private karaoke party with the internet & the regulars in your apartment. If that's, you know, your sort of thing. When realizing the abundance this morning, I woke my housemate up with a loud rendition of "Ebony & Ivory". The french language students mostly sang Pink Martini's "Sympathique" ("Et puis je fume") & Joe Dassin's "Les Champs Élysees" a bunch of times (that's the fun song that rolls over the ending credits for The Darjeeling Limited), but I was exposed to a few French songs I hadn't heard of before & may have to become mix standards. Alain Souchon might begin to rival David Byrne's subtle dancing.

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