August 02, 2009


Friend-of-the-blog, Anton Abadzhiev, & the man who's been translating Mr Quill's & my writings into Bulgarian, has posted some travel correspondence at antonabadzhiev.writs, with a few classy photos:
Yes, guys, I did it. Far from the madding crowd I worked on and on on my own Itallian balcony in Venice. I found the first copy of "Christine" in Italian and visited all the Middle East Divan exhebitions of art - all placed in Catholic cathedrals. I missed Leonard Cohen's concert, because I was eating Pana di tutti ravini in a Kosher restaurant in Gheto Nuovo. I could afford myself that.

I think I have to write only a sentence, spontaniously but I will not. It's still a great euphoria.

In related news, Mr Quill & Mr Southworth People have met up in Bucharest & are traveling to Odessa & then Kiev for an ultimate frisbee hat tournament, "played on a mysterious beach on a mysterious island". Keep a keen eye towards allforgotteneast for updates.

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