July 28, 2009

Repost: Lost & Forgotten Company

I don't suppose Mr Quill will mind if I fully quote his nice ending monologue about our visit & wanderings, & lovely photographs. (I've made them bigger).

Three weeks of joyful madness passed with dizzying speed. While the immediate effect was exhaustion, I am hopeful that it is leading to revitalization. The Big Little is certainly my home of the moment, but it never felt quite so much like it.

For the first time, I could approach activities with confidence that something would happen. It's amazing how much support one's friends can offer without even exerting effort in that direction. I knew that we could step outside with baseball gloves and bats and that something would happen. Cameras and resolve to make movies will lead to movies. I rarely feel that way on my own here.

All of this is horribly vague. It always is so when I try to catch up and explain the past. Soon there will be a movie available for all of you for watching purposes.

Grace has chronicled our misadventures more beautifully than I could ever hope to.

Itwaslost team's visit to beautiful Bulgaria will resound throughout this coming year. For now, it's too close to be seen. But it was good.
-Originally posted here at All Forgotten East.

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