July 23, 2009

Did They Ride This?

Recently the It Was Lost community convened in Bulgaria. Our charter prevents us from gathering all our sexiness in one place. It would put precious resources at risk and overwhelm the locals we encounter. We left our sexiest contributors at home in a show of due diligence.

Yet everyone plays a vital role! In this series, I, the Secretary of the Department of Nonviolent Nondriving, Soccer, & Roshambo, inquire whether the It Was Lost community rode this. The findings will contribute greatly to our Archive of Confirmable Knowings.

Did you ride this?

It's the very functional looking Metroul Bucureşti, which has four lines and added four brand new stations just last Novemeber 2008.

And did you ride this?

It's the RATB in Bucharest, a huge above-ground system that consists of three rapid transit options. Trams, light rail, and zero-emissions buses for you wonks.

Careful what you say in your responses: S. Sandrigon is wanted in the American state of Oregon for fare dodging!

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