July 22, 2009

And now some Barış Manço videos

Pele once put tons of Balkan music on my iPod - & we pounced on one old Turkish rock track while we were editing the footage to our Bulgarian vampire/zombie flick, possibly to use as the soundtrack for the zombie attack? Thereafter, Barış Manço's 1981 album Hal Hal became our traveling / dancing album for this trip, & also we've been practicing his gesticulations from this video:

According to the wikipedia, he's still huge in Turkey a decade after his death. His older brother was born during World War II & named Savaş, 'war' in Turkish. Bariş means 'peace' & he is supposedly the first Turk with this now-common name. We were wondering if his hapless brother had a life of pillaging & burning villages. (Wasn't there something in This American Life about two brothers named Winner & Loser - Lou became a cop & family man, but Winn was in & out of jail, &c?)

The word "Hal" from the titular track is one of those words with a hundred various definitions in the dictionary, so we've been singing "Hal Hal" in English as "condition condition" or "MO-JO":


pele said...

Çok güzel bir post!

Friends of our generation in Turkey grew up with his TV show and music, where he is missed with the intensity of combined losses of Mr. Rogers, Elvis, and Bob Ross. He could basically do anything he wanted:
Children's talk-show

I'm very proud of itwaslost aspiring to such integrated greatness in the aşık tradition. Musical zombie travelogue-documentary peace projekt!

Jenny Ruth said...

my mom says she thinks he's actually george harrison. the winner and loser bros were from Freakonomics.