June 10, 2009

Wound-Slurry in my Dirtiest Panties

This might have to become a regular segment... The google Analytics I set up a few months ago, which tracks statistics on this site, tells you what keywords people have searched to arrive at your website in the past month. Thank the world for continuing to google strange things. There's always a ton about Michael Jackson's testicles, purple flags of the world, & a new favorite is "lepiota lutea", the yellow houseplant parasol mushroom, which is currently the second most searched-for term to arrive here. I weeded thru about four hundred last night & picked out my favorites for the last month.

--"new mexico" mushroom penis
--blanket jackson looks like his daddy

--botch of egypt

--can a pervert and a womanizer ever be cured of their desires and disease

--castrating a boy

--christ told his children, i know life is fucking crazy, but i’m here to tell you there’s a purpose behind it

--dirtiest panties

--hello muscle palace rupert's mail address it appears not to be being positively. nya the inside inside the cotton 3 all helped the mail does not see anh ass why .... and reply it entrusts certainly . i language ardency maybe too much without ? it peels anyhow and phyey the use method petty egg it lights and it gives. only is like thatgoodbye
--laura bush fake photos
--osservatore anus
--percontation point
--photo of young guys from bulgaria
--rahm emanuel born of a virgin
--shall not a dog move his tongue
--studly guys
--what is some of the things that could happen if you are not sir cumsized?
--who sings this: we've all seen men at the liquor store begging for your change his hair on his face is dirty dreadlock for the main. he asked the man what he can despair with shame in his eyes, get a fucking job is all he replied.
I wonder if they ever found their Laura Bush fake nude images? I shouldn't discuss it too much, or I risk trafficking more people looking for Laura Bush fakes. Perhaps I should encourage such behavior by posting about "LOOK HERE FOR YOUR FAKE LAURA BUSH XXX NUDES" et cetera. And "Rahm Emanuel born of a virgin" - that's gold diamonds. The report from mid-April is HERE.


Essąn Dragone said...

The puppy art is by Mr Olaf Mary Mohammad, of course.

Olaf Mary said...

regarding "hello muscle palace...": WOW. THIS IS AN AMAZING WORLD WITH WORDS IN IT.