June 30, 2009


Here we go - Olaf Mary, Grainne Proinseas, & I are all now en route to our BULGARIOUS BLOG REUNION. We've pre-scheduled a few posts for July, as we won't be able to access the series tubes as often, but when we do post, it will be for our TRAVEL DEPARTMENT. We will be rendezvousing in Bucharest, drinking rakia in Rusa, making a movie with young girls, fields, & donkey carts in the Big Little. So look for our travel correspondences, be well & bye bye!

Note: Keen observers will notice that there are temporarily ads on this blog. Don't worry, it hasn't become itwaslost.com. It is only to take advantage of the temporary windfall of tens of thousands of clicks on that Michael Jackson castrato article - & I'm beginning to fear that if something IS leaked from the autopsy, there might be a shitstorm which could possibly put that essay into even great exposure. And fund our trip. Great heavens. Anyway, SAFE TRAVELS!

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Brains said...

Bye bye. I hope you brushed up on Cyrillic letters, helps with bus maps, etc. I will click on many ads while you're gone to earn you nickels.