June 27, 2009

This website is now exclusively about Michael Jackson's Testicles

A few years ago I wrote an essay positing if Michael Jackson was a castrato. If you haven't heard, Mr Jackson just died. And that essay, which seemed to always get a lot of hits, got like a thousand hits in a day & a half. As we wait anxiously for the full results of the autopsy (my God, could this be the moment!?!?) here's a look at what some people have googlied to reach that page in the past thirty-six hours:


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Essąn Dragone said...

Sorry, the original essay was here: http://www.itwaslost.org/2007/04/special-report-is-michael-jackson.html
It might need some updating

Anonymous said...

No, he was not a castrato. To have been a castrato, he would have had to have had his balls snipped before puberty, and there are extant photos of him showing visible pores and rough skin from shaved whiskers. No need to analyze his voice or his recordings, the whiskers tell the tale.

That doesn't mean he didn't have a milder endocrine disorder of some kind that gave him a higher singing voice, or other things, but it sure wasn't a chemical or physical castration because he showed indisputable evidence of post-pubescent whiskers.