June 08, 2009

Songs: "My Home Town" - Ukulele Recording

I don't suspect I'll actually get around to recording an EP of ukulele cover songs this summer, but if I did, I would re-record this one properly. As is, it's just a test, a demo. I'm experimenting with different ways to record my electric ukulele - this way ended up sounding a bit nasal I fear.

It's an Alan Price song, I learned from the 1973 LP soundtrack to the Lindsay Anderson movie O Lucky Man! (starring Malcolm McDowell). Download this mp3 here if you care to.


pele said...


suewelsch said...

I love this song. You should record an EP of ukulele cover songs. This is one of your strengths.

Essąn Dragone said...

Thank you Pele & Mom. Thank you for the kind comments. I'm working on making these recordings sound better.