June 02, 2009

Shisha Department Presents: Hookah in Hip-Hop No. 1

The Department of the Shisha, special sub-department of Hubbly-Bubbly in da Hizzly-Hopply, presents a limited edition series of Hookah in Hip-Hop. First, this version of Three Six Mafia's "Smokin on the Dro" was youtube user waambat's final project for an electronic media class! It's long overdue that Lewis Carroll's caterpillar made his debut as a shisha-puffing rapper.

(Thanks to a tweet from @PeteButta, retwatted by @samamidon)

The MC Pseudo-Dionysius / Gold Diamonds song "Hillelujah" (lyric "Hallelujah, pass the nargileh / smoke it like you mean it, now take off your z-cup.") is HERE.

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