June 04, 2009

RUTH on Scribd

Now I'm going to put a bunch of my shape-note folk hymns up on Scribd, too. I don't know if that website is all they say it's going to be for self-publishing, but it's easy enough to put stuff on it. All of these pieces are in the public domain. I've put many of these folk hymns up on this website, so I'll experiment with different ways of presenting them on the itwaslost scribd page & may be elsewhere. You can toggle to full screen with that button in the upper-right-hand corner, (&, in firefox at least, F11 makes the browser window full-screen.)
RUTH - Shape-Note Anthem from the Western Harmony
(I'm not completely happy with how that "CutePDF" writer makes the score look.) RUTH is a four-part American folk anthem with text from the Book of Ruth. The original post with other copies of the score & further explanation was HERE. The demonstration recording (featuring my sexy four-part solo quartet) right here:

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