June 20, 2009

Namelgängers: Composer Portrait

I'm facebook friends with someone with my same name, a bluegrass musician in Maine.  We discussed forming a "James Welsch" band, culled from the diverse talents of people all over the world with our identical name ("namelgängers", as we call them on googles) - & there's another who composes classical music in New York.  This is especially funny to me--;  there was a time when I used to compose classical music & proudly put the name "James Welsch" on the upper-right-hand margin of the page. So I find it satisfying that old friends or teachers who are wondering if I ever succeeded in the art might find that I've completed graduate studies & written an opera. Anyone considering naming your baby Circes Xavieranda might reconsider, with 21st century public googlibility, there are advantages to having a name with several namelgängers. Now I've found this youtube interview with my namelgänger, sadly crushing the confusion that I wrote his music.

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Essąn Dragone said...

The photo is of yet another James Welsch, the first one that shows up if you google-image search - - -there's now 12 on facebook, up from only six or so a year ago!