June 28, 2009

Comments from the Michael Jackson Castration Article, New Evidence, Counterarguments, & More About Castrati: PART TWO

Continued from below, more comments from the original Michael Jackson castration article. The first comment from 2009 was posted at January 14th at 4:59am by "anonymous":

Ha ha!!
This is one of the most pathetic things I've ever read.
You need to do more research on Michael + open your mind.
Castrated? ... What kind of statement is that to make? Wow, how pathetic & ridiculous. It doesn't even make me angry, I just laugh at small-minded people.
Good luck with that
Is it just me, or does that totally sound like Mr Jackson himself, perhaps googiling himself in the middle of the night? Amazing. Anyway, since there's no way to disprove it, we'll just assume that the late Michael Jackson himself commented on my blog six months before he died. I first heard of his passing whilst driving back from Mr Olaf Mary's family's cabin, which has no phone reception or internet, & this comment was e-mailed to my phone, by "sweetgrass":
Hello.. I have been saying the same thing for years.
I completely agree.
There is something about the way bones and ligaments develop as well that helps to add credence to this idea.

I am deeply saddened to hear of his passing, his musical genius is undeniable.

Then in the past two days, there's been a bunch of new comments. June 26th, 10:13am:
I have also thought this may well be the case for a number of years. It does fit with his persona and his singing voice, as well as his ambitious, overbearing father. Time will tell...

I remember hearing rumors that he'd been castrated back in the 70s. I was a kid - 5th grade, and I've never forgotten that, because I had to ask what it meant. So it's interesting that the thought it crossing someone's mind after 30+ years.
That was news to me, that this theory had been floating around since the 70s. Then, I saw there's a new article about this by Daniel McCarthy in The American Conservative called "The Last Castrato", which begins with a quote by Michael Kinsley from the New Republic in1984:
What’s happened to Michael Jackson isn’t too different from what they used to do to young male singers in Europe a few centuries ago, to keep their voices sweet. In another way, it resembles the exploitation of child stars like Judy Garland in the heyday of the Hollywood studios. In fact, what American capitalism has done to Michael Jackson is even a bit like what the Soviets do to their women athletes.
McCarthy also posts a recording of the actual Last Castrato, Alessandro Moreschi, from 1902:

On June 27th, 5:29am, Anselmo commented:
I've landed here because I was looking for evidences or opinion about this theory. Riccardo Muti, a famous orchestra director, today remembered how his life and his consuption, not only his voice and aspect, were so similar to the famous castrato singers, like Farinelli. If you understand italian:

Here's some of Muti's article google-translated:
Maestro, which idea has been done to Michael Jackson? "His controversial affair, its weaknesses, the extreme restlessness and exhausted at the end make me think about the events of the great baroque castrated as Farinelli and Caffarelli, objects of worship and an unbridled idolatry. Often the victims of this cult. "

She was neither black nor white, had a voice that was neither male nor female ... "For I spoke of the castrated.
Another anonymous wrote, yesterday at 5:44pm:
wow this article explains how castration helps autoimmune disease in some mice - remember MJ had vitiligo and lupus, two different autoimmune diseases: http://books.google.com/books?id=PNPU0sknfCUC&lpg=PA161&ots=ol0M73G-Z6&dq=castration%20autoimmune&pg=PA161

and this:

Also pointing to the castration theory is the testimony that the child who brought him to court knew something strange about the appearance of his genetalia. In this theory, it would be clear that MJ wouldn't want that to get out, so settling out of court makes even more sense. The photo was thrown out of court and never leaked.

And for the record, MJ was not a pervert, but a very gentle nurturing soul, misunderstood by almost everyone, and probably the most amazing performer we have seen in our lifetime. He may not have appeared to understand "real life" but he sure did care about it and devote himself to the world. If we lived in a different society, that honored mentorship and service to the youth, that provided a place for children to explore their imaginations ... a society that wasn't so over-sexed and constantly adding stigma and sexual connotation to the idea of men hanging out with children ... and for all the positive ideology and love he's given to the world, Michael would be considered a saint.
That's pretty interesting about his diseases. Thanks for the thoughts, anonymous, & I knew there's was something about a photo of his genetalia being odd... The Huffington Post just had an article about how people with those conditions often die young of heart attacks - that it may have been more of a factor than any painkiller addiction. Hmm. Well, anyway, thanks everyone for your comments. The first post of comments (many about his "deep voice") is here. The original article is here.


Brains said...


Essąn Dragone said...

Yeah, no kidding - - - kind of an obvious but still relevant development.

Anonymous said...

wow, great to read all of this and let's hope that the truth comes out so that everyone will understand what MJ was struggling with and why. I first heard the castrato theory from a radio personality who had interviewed Paul McCartney and after the interview these two went on to have post show chats. Anyway McCartney revealed this piece of information that possibly the music world has held secret for michael all this time. Interestingly when Paul commented on Michael's death he referred to him as a boy man.

OutOfStock said...


I heard a story about this as a teen, and then reconnected with the person who told me it a few years back, and she re-itterated it.

Anonymous said...

Michael Jackson, Castrato?

The best theory to understanding Michael Jackson may be the one that can satisfy the most questions. What if Micahel Jackson was the last mondern-day Castrato - the product of the old practice of castrating promising young men to ensure their singing careers. Surely, there were people around him who had become reliant on, or wanted to extend the potential of MJ's talent and earning potential. Could this be the abuse MJ referred to?

Did this keep his voice in the higher register? Is that why he remained childlike? Is that why he needed surrogate sperm - because he didn't produce any? Is that why he was a loner - no one else could know or be like him? Is that why he needed to change his appearance to reflect his andogeny? Is that why he grabbed his crotch in that dance - was he tring to tell us something? Is that why he was innocent (foolish) enough to think as an adult he could play in bed with children - because no harm could come?

Jackson was unique because he may have been the only one of his kind for over a hundred years. They were loved back then, too!

Richard said...

I spoke with a guy about sixteen years ago. He claimed to sing in Broadway shows. He said there was a rumor in his circles that Michael was castrated along time ago, to preserve his angelic voice.

Maybe that's why Liza said '...all shit is going to hit the fan...' when the autopsy report comes out.

It would explain alot about Michael.

Anonymous said...

There was a rumour going around in the early 1980's that Michael was castrated.

I thought it interesting that at Michael's memorial, Barry Gordy said "what boy wouldn't give his right arm to fulfill his dreams".

Anonymous said...

Larry King interviewed Jermaine on the lawn of Neverland Ranch; he asked Jermaine about the autopsy. Jermaine's hands involuntarily went right to his crotch - then he moved them.

Anyways, if it is true - I don't see the shame. We are way to fixated on sex - at the expense of true artistry.

The multiple nose jobs were a mistake. But if he chose to be a modern day eunuch; I think people should embrace his sacrifice.

Lana said...

I completely agree with your theory but don't think that was Michael's choice (he was then what - 13-14?)- rather his father's.

Michael has often spoken about the abuse he suffered from his father. It was clear that just being beaten up would not cause such profound psychological scars...

If we understood Liza right - let us wait for the autopsy results...

Anonymous said...

Hi there.... I read an article, several in fact a few years ago relating to the castration of jackson. If this is something that TRULY happened..I would surmise he and the entire family would be mortified for this information to come out. Psychologically, it would explain SO much to have been born a black man, and die appearing as a white almost womanish looking man. It would explain a seemingly fixation on boys of a certain age around which he was alleged or not to have been castrated. The voice... continual crotch grabbing would certain catch the family's eyes as a non-stop reminder of what he'd lost. I have no background of any kind on psychology and truly mean no slander or slur here. I'm morbidly curious as I'm sure much of the world is as well. This would put a new light on the 'molestation' accusations...( treading super careful ground here ) touching/fondling etc could occur but if he was castrated...what possible pleasure can be gotten if you've no manlihood parts? Not all sexual acts and aggressions are with penis/vaginal parts, but ... with no ability to 'do" anything, might have been the VERY cause getting the charges fail to stick? Total speculation here.
A child between 10-15 would in NO way be able to make a totally and completely life changing decision to castrate themselves. In the end, everyone but his father is acknowledged. Perhaps I'm wrong, but where there's smoke there is often fire of some sort. I

slinkybrew said...

I meant to post my name, as I have no need to hide myself on the above comment.

Lana said...

His close friends (Liz Taylor, Brook Shields) knew the truth and were very supportive of him against all accusations.

I feel extremely guilty since I was not on his side. I saw him as a spoiled brat rather than a tormented soul - an eternal Little Prince with a secret he could not share. He chose to be known as a pervert and child molester but would not tell the shameful truth that could prove his innocence.

His relations with little boys might have been as innocent [and not] as relations between growing little boys could be. He genuinely considered himself as one of them.

If it turns out that our assumption is correct, let wrath of millions of Michael's fans fall on his father.

slinkybrew said...

also wanting to state that it really doesn't matter to me to know the details of his death. He had a heart attack. I think the world should just let it end at that.

snokist2000 said...

It just hit me last night out of no where that MJ was a eunoch. And all of a sudden his entire life made sense to me. I never could figure out why his kids were not biologically his, I mean, why not donate your own sperm? This explains it. Glad I'm not the only one finally putting it all together. And, yes, I believe his father was involved.

Anonymous said...


I am SO happy to read these posts. I've had these same thoughts and its just so great to see that others are putting it all together as well.

MJ was most likely castrated. It explains everything -- and I'm really hoping it comes out.

Watch out Joe Jackson.

jessica said...

Michael's voice did change. He sang lower as a teenager than he did as an adult, here are some examples:

Here he is struggling to sing the song 'Ben' in performance in 1973 (when he was about 14):

Here he is singing 'Killing Me Softly' at the age of about 14 or 15 (he starts singing at about 0:47; be sure to listen until about 2:02, where you can hear him speak):

Here's a song from his 1975 solo album 'Forever Michael,' where he generally sings lower than he came to later: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twIVtnkPuUY

Also, you can find numerous instances of him speaking lower than he normally does. Even in some songs - listen to his speaking in 'Dangerous':

And listen to him in this Access Hollywood clip (you can skip ahead to about 0:48):

I could go on, but you get the point.

Oh, also, some of Michael's brothers (definitely Jackie and Randy) do this too, or at least used to (by 'this' I mean fake a high speaking voice). But the others slip in and out of it more. They're less consistent/disciplined about it than Michael is.

Lana said...

Jessica, MJ did sing in high-pitch voice and it was not falcetto. That voice was more natural to him than a lower one.

Besides - what else can explain his asexuality and sterility? And his body of an eternal teenager?

It is not just one thing but a combination of many...

jessica said...

Of course he sang in a high pitch as an adult. But my point is that his voice *did* change. There's ample evidence of that.

Listen to any track from their live show in Japan 1973 for instance (here's an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QxcdHl3fCjA).

This is the voice of a kid going through puberty.

Whatever the reason for his high voice as an adult, it is not because his voice didn't go through the changes of a boy going through puberty.

Also, there's a variety of recordings one could listen to from the late 70's which support the idea that the high voice Michael sang in as an adult was something that had to be developed. (It's known that he had intensive voice coaching throughout his adult career. Here's one of several clips on youtube of him training - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DExMNdStZU).

Listen to the album version of 'All I Do Is Think of You' from 'Moving Violation' (1975): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skgukknH8T8 ; When he sings in the higher register, his voice sounds fuzzed, as if he *can't actually sing that high* and they needed to cover for it in studio.

Listen to him trying to hit the high notes in 'Destiny' (1978): he breaks and strains when he hits that high note. It's *not* natural to him.

We know Michael had an exceptional work ethnic. It's entirely believable to me that he achieved his high voice through intensive training.

Anonymous said...

Some more evidence pointing to this awful suggestion (even though I do think it vindicates him!):

Here's an interview with the "godfather" of his kids, who claims to be Michael's sperm donor:


jessica said...

Something new from the autopsy results:

"The coroner also found that Jackson was actively producing sperm."


Anonymous said...

He must have been castrated:
So let's sum it up.
1) He hated his Dad for what he had done to him.
2) High voice
3) No facial or body hair
4) Try to show himself as manly through his dressing on stage & videos.
5) Try to show himself as manly through many of his songs
6) Try to show himself as manly by grabbing his crotch during his dance routines
7) Never had his own biological children
8) The children he did have was through a surrogate women with donated sperm
9) Facial features altered to look like Farinelli

There are just too many facts justifying this theory