June 28, 2009

Comments from the Michael Jackson Castration Article, New Evidence, Counterarguments, & More About Castrati: PART ONE

Since that old essay about the Michael Jackson castrato theory has gotten another couple thousand hits in the last few days, I seems timely to reread thru all the comments - there were a few good counterarguments & some are like additional little essays themselves. I had called out if anyone knew of any moments where Mr Jackson "throws in a masculine phrase or Elvis impersonation, where is it, & are we sure that he sang it?", so there first couple are about that:

On October 13th, 2007, 946pm, welshirishwoman wrote:


Michael actually has a deeper voice in real life...his high pitched voice is part of his stage persona. Lisa Marie Presley also said this in an interview after she and Michael were divorced (not sure of the date though). Also, if you watch Michael's "private home movies" special, there's a clip where he's in the grocery store shopping (it was closed for the night), and there's a moment when he's looking for some gum...when he finds it, the camera zooms in on him, and he says something about "Not just red, but big red," and then laughed, all in a deeper voice...deeper than I've ever heard it.
Anyone have any idea where to find that clip?

Oh, shoot! back in December 2007, a few comments later, I wrote "Also, has anyone heard Jimmy Scott sing? He's on the Twin Peaks soundtrack, & I just heard him do 'Tea for Two' as a duet with Pink Martini's China Forbes. He had Kallman's condition, so he never went thru puberty. Now he's eighty-two years old, & his voice is chillingly beautiful."
I totally forgot about Jimmy Scott! Here's him singing, for comparison:

And don't miss him in Twin Peaks, altho, spoiler alert if you haven't made it to the finale of Season Two yet. On June 5th, 2008, 2:00pm, someone posted:
I agree with castration thesis... But there's another moment when Michael sings deep:in "get on the floor" ("Then why don't you just dance across the floor")
I responded: "...However the lowest of those low notes is an F below Middle C - I'm a tenor with a pretty high range, & that note is only in the middle of my low range; Jackson sounds like he's singing it really low in his voice.
"Also, it's hard or unwise to prove anything from a recording (My Uncle Tom insists, for instance, that Elvis had backup singers sing his lowest notes.) Please send more instances of Michael Jackson singing or speaking low, especially a live video, would disprove this forever."
And someone else added: "...and to the people above the low vocals in 'Get on the Floor' are background singers: Jim Gilstrap, Augie Johnson, Mortonette Jenkins, Paulette McWilliams and Zedric Williams."

Another commenter linked to this video from The Wiz to hear Jackson's supposedly deep voice:

But, come on! He sounds way below his range singing an A two steps below Middle C! Most altos can comfortably sing lower than that. He ends on a pretty weak 'e'.

Stay tuned: More from the Comments to that old article


pele said...

Bon Voyage, You All & MJ...

Richard Alexander Caraballo said...

Here's a clip with the "Big Red" moment:

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