June 08, 2009

Brom-Iliad Bromance Illuminated on Scribd

Finally! The first three chapters of the Classic Epic Nonsense Doggerel Saga of Companionship - BROM-ILIAD BROMANCE - Is now on Scribd.com. I've been putting up these SAMPLER illuminated poetry books on the vanity self-publishing pdf website Scribd, as tests & previews of a larger book Prophecy & Doggerel, due to be up sometime this summer. Look for it! More at the itwaslost Scribd page. There's a couple, also as an experiment, that are actually for sale...

This looks better if you full-screen it - there's a toggle in the upper-right-hand corner. (& in Firefox browser, F11, or in the view menu, makes the window fullscreen.)

Brom-Iliad Bromance - S. Sandrigon

Brom-Iliad Bromance originally published on itwaslost.org starting HERE.

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