May 21, 2009

TRAUMMUSIK Episode XVI: Bool of Cherries

From the archives, from 2002, originally broadcast on Sarah Lawrence College Radio WSLC 105.7, classic episodes of TRAUMMUSIK. I was thinking, to add to the other mixes on this website, I would slowly put up my old radio shows, but I've just listened to a few that were pretty embarrassing. But this one is interesting. It packs in a lot of good things, heavy on the classical music, & I always love those Tan Dun pieces which serve as the meat of the episode (I mix his guitar concerto, Symphony 1997, & music from Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.) There's also some music that Melinda Rice & Devon Hall created for one of her films (which is why there's some of the narration from the film also in the radio show.) And I especially love the messages from my answering machine - the one from Sam Amidon where he's suggesting that we take turns skipping electronic music class, is followed shortly after by one of the noise-minimalist pieces we made using the Moog. And the juxtaposition of the Buddhist stories from John Cage with Depression-era songs... Enough! or Too Much!

Listen to human-programmed radio! The five mp3s of this radio show can be downloaded here, put them on your iPods & listen to them in your MINI limousines.

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For some reason, track 1 & 2 aren't up yet, so wait a minute!