May 08, 2009

TRAUMMUSIK Episode XIII: "Long Song of the Shaman" (Take Two)

Six weeks ago I attempted to upload one of my radio shows from WSLC 105.7 from 2001-2002, TRAUMMUSIK. I never got the playlist to work, but I'll try it again using the garage band podcast embeddable player. SO HERE NOW, from the archives, is TRAUMMUSIK Episode XIII: "Long Song of the Shaman". (It's starts quiet because I believe it originally faded in from the tail of the preceding WSLC show.)

I've got all these different radio episodes, which I will upload & post some of my favorites. Alongside Olaf's Mix Tapes Were Lost, we will make this lost blog the premier vanguard site to come to for mixes & revolutionary radio. Why listen to the robot stations when you can come here for the great music of all time allover, intelligently programmed by our superior human brains. This episode, for instance, you can download the five mp3s HERE of "Long Song of the Shaman" & put them onto your personal travel devises, listen to them while you prepare for the marathon or on trans-Mexi-Canadian roadtrips. Or burn a compact disc to play on your boombox while you draw comic strips, like I am going to do right now. There are sixteen of Mr Mary's Mix Tapes Were Lost to enjoy & there are twenty-one total of my old radio shows, & we have an infinite supply in futurity.



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