May 21, 2009

Seven Prayers on Scribd

I've been working on an larger illuminated version of "Prophecy & Doggerel", a collection of all the rhyming poetry that has appeared on this website over the past few years, for the Vanity Presses. I'm trying to create a beautiful pdf file to put up on Scribd, illustrated with artwork from my friends, most of which was also posted sometime on To test this Scribd, I just put up our illuminated book "Seven Prayers", illustrated with Olaf Mary Mohammad & Cosmo Wernicky & some very ripe fruit, which will be included in "Prophecy & Doggerel". I recommend the little full-screen toggle button in the upper right-hand corner to see the book better. I'm impressed with the slickness of their pdf viewer. This shit will be downloadable to your fancy Amazon Kindle & soon iPhone book-reading capabilities & the FUTURE of BOOKS.

This document is available at Scribd here:
Look for Prophecy & Doggerel in the coming months! It'll be a grand masterpiece!

Seven Prayers is now FOR SALE. The cheapest they would let me sell it is one dollar, cheaper than a can of coke & MORE BEAUTIFUL by far. Buy it, download it, print it on high quality, re-read it at bedtime to help you fall asleep. If you don't want to pay me a dollar, all of the original illuminations are around this blog somewhere in the archives.

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