May 18, 2009

San Francisco by foot, my foot

Today I am very sore, my legs can barely bend, with weird sunburn lines. I'm trying to calculate just how far I walked on Saturday Night & all day Sunday. I'm going to try embedding Google Maps of our walking routes, as I calculate how many miles walked, for posterity & also as an advertisement for URBAN HIKING - Americans don't walk enough, & it is the best way to an explore cities.

We met Mr Mary & several others Saturday Night at the Elbo Room in the Mission, where there was soul funk dancing until 2am. So bear in mind that the evening started with many hours of dancing - & not simply the kind of hipsters sort of bobbing their heads - but the athletic, loose limbed, full body & booty gyrations inspired by music with real soul. We then walked to It's Tops Diner in Hayes. Here is an approximate map of the journey from the Mission to Mr Mary's family's house in the Sunset, getting there at about 5am:

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That clocks in at 4.2 miles, which it estimates would take ninety minutes to walk - I'm sure we took longer, strolling & singing thru the night.
Sunday Morning I walked over to see some of the Bay to Breakers race, walking all over to trying to connect with my friend Mr Ficke. It was a hot day & my strange tan lines are from the purple cloak I was wearing (as a disguise, to blend in the with the eccentricity of San Francisco's famous crazy race.) It was harder to estimate how far I walked, because there was some wandering & Google won't let me draw in my exact path.
According to that map, I walked 6.2 miles, which I should probably round up to 7 to include backtracking & meandering. The public transit was impossible trying to leave the Bay to Breakers madness (I wasn't going to take their $7 ripoff bus). Our next goal was to get to Mr Ficke's car, which was parked six miles away at Church St & Cesar Chavez. I refused to walk to Noe Valley, so my strategy was to take a bus due south, then find another headed back east towards south of Mission. A good strategy, but it took an hour to even get on that bus - (is this story becoming super boring, or is it suspenseful & epic?) - & when we got off way South, the west-bound bus of my BRILLIANT PLAN didn't stop there on Sundays. To shorten the details, after several buses & trolleys, we ended up getting off at Dolores Park. The final walk to the car included a sizable detour to eat a spicy veggie burrito mojado at Taqueria Cancun on Mission St.

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That adds another two miles, bringing the total, between 3am Saturday night to 5pm Sunday afternoon, to about thirteen miles. It was 90 degrees yesterday & I was wearing a purple cloak. And no complaining, as I said, walking is the best way to see the city, & believe we saw some wild things. You'd think I would spend this blog post describing some of what we witnessed, rather than mathematically calculating the distance of the route, but my legs are too sore for my brain to wax poetic about the quirks of the weekend.

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