May 26, 2009

Repost: Brains's "Mayors"

Brains's Post "Mayors" over at Car-Free USA is so good I'm going to re-post the entire thing right here.

Mayor Boris Johnson is a big proponent of "cycle super highways," a plan that would increase the number of bicycle-only lanes in London. On one of the rides specifically intended to scope out possible super highway routes, the mayor and two transport ministers were nearly killed by a truck driver. The footage was caught on CCTV.

In other news about mayors, the dialog below occurred recently at a bar on Mission Street.

Me: Did you hear about Berkeley's mayor? He gave up his car.

Other: Pssht. He's only carfree three days per week and only from 9-5, while his wife is away in her car.

Me: Oh.

This is related to an earlier post about the mayor of Berkeley going carfree. I want to cite a proper source for the information, but I can't find one. The Bay Area has a rumor mill. Currently the rumor is that mayor Tom Bates received a lot of publicity for "going carfree" when all he did was sell his old car. Can anyone back this up? Have I been spun?

(Originally posted at Carfree USA here.)


Brains said...

Thanks! You'll have to report back on the pedestrian friendliness or pedestrian hostility from Bucharest to Bulgaria, OK?

So, are the rumors about the mayor true? I wanted to go to Berkeley to find out for myself. But like George Bluth, Sr. on his annual pilgrimage to Berkeley, I always get sidetracked.

Brains said...

Oh wait that was Oscar Bluth.

EssÄ…n Dragone said...

You are like Oscar Bluth. Afternoon Delight.