May 06, 2009

Quill Riding Hard Towards Victory

Dear Mr Quill,

I apologize for implying, as I did below, that your baseball explanations, invaluable to me thru many games we watched together, are ungrounded & too "statistics-&-history-laden". I love these aspects of them, & was only contrasting them to my thirteen-year-old niece, whose explanations got me thru the Oakland Athletics game I attended on Monday, & are quite different than yours. I look forward to your analrapy of ours & imaginary bugario's national pastime, both as baseball correspondent at this website & at your bulgarious blog All Forgotten East. I will be more careful with my words about sensitive subjects in the future.

I love this picture of you, above, riding that man towards victory, riding him hard. Victory!

Your Obedient S'rv'nt,
Mr Welsch

1 comment:

Quill said...

Thanks for the homage, James James James. No need for apologies though. I look forward to taking in a game with your niece. Perhaps we should co-host an ESPN show. James & James' Niece Talk Baseball or something.