May 01, 2009

my job's like a cul-de-sac

Mr. Sandrigon- may I suggest you compose some complaint hymns? Is that an oxymoron?

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ß. Andrigon said...

From the Sacred Harp page 141 - Complainer

I am a great complainer
That bears the name of Christ;
Come, all ye Zion mourners,
And listen to my cries;
I’ve many sore temptations
And sorrows to my soul;
I feel my faith declining,
And my affections cold.

I wish it was with me now
As in the days of old,
The glorious light of Jesus
Was flowing in my soul,
But now I am distressed,
And no more relief can find,
A hard, deceitful heart
And a wretched, wand’ring mind.