May 24, 2009

List: My Futuristic new phone

I've been spending the last few days configuring my new phone, which is futuristic by my standards, but embarrassingly old-tech to people who have fancier blackberries or iphones than me. It's completely sidetracked me from the other important projects I was getting done this week, like putting pretty pictures next to my poetry. I'll chronicle my reactions in list form.

-The reason the e-mail didn't work was because they thought I had a different kind of handheld device than the one they sent me.
-They charged me sixty dollars in twelve hours by accident, because they hadn't activated the unlimited data plan we requested yet.
-The people at tech help are kind & patient, but they do tend to always assume the costumer is doing something stupid.

-The Google Maps application on this phone has a new tool called "Google Latitude". Have you ever heard of this? It's like the Marauder's Map in Harry Potter, where you can see where everyone is in the castle. So you can add "friends", & see where their phone is, or I guess, wherever they last logged into Google Maps. Is this the future? Wives will always know when their husbands are leaving their mistress's houses because they'll see the little dot moving around on the map. Not hiding from anyone myself, it doesn't bother me. And it shows my blip way over on Prince Street, so it would be hard for a stalker to use it very accurately. Plus, I tend to often leave my phone at home, & am a flaky phoney any way. You can never track me! So far Mr Mary is my only friend, his blip in Santa Fe, soon our blips will be reunited on a plane to Bucharest. Anyone else want to be my marauder's map friend?

-I also like that I can use my facebook application to set up my address book, so the friend profiles are linked with the info, & their facebook picture comes up when people call.
Now I'm caught up with 2006 technology I'm ready to PENETRATE THE PHONE-O-SPHERE. This probably doesn't mean I'll be more reliable & easier to get in touch with tho.

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