May 19, 2009

Jaipurian Lament

Oh! To be able to post pictures, videos, anything! To type on a not-sticky keyboard! To share with you, my loyal readers of one post, tales of my Southward travels!

Upon my return to Jaipur, I discovered that:

The walls of my bedroom, which were bright pink, are now bright purple.

Instead of living with one Rajasthani villager in my teacher's music school, I was now to live with an entire family of Rajasthani villagers. The usual "guard," Sohanlal, had returned to his village for his daughter's wedding, and my teacher's wife had engaged a new fellow to look after the place. So he brought the whole family. I am still not understanding the logic of having someone off the street look after your house so that no one off the street will break in. At some point Chandra, my teacher, realized that it was probably not a good idea to have me stay there with them and asked them to leave (much to my relief); however, it appears they have used all of the bathing buckets to mix cement.

In sum (as I have shared with EssÄ…n):

The Goan Surf Sitar movement is in full swing, Portuguese Christian style;

In Bombay I saw the Mask of Eternity;

Keralan buses are for Small People who don't Brush their Teeth;

Vipers look precious sleeping in Bulbophyllum orchids

Let me see if I can get this picture of Drosera burmannii to post

Success! My first carnivorous plant seen in the wild (in a bog in the mountains outside of Ooty, or Udagamandalam, as it's now known, on one of my many walks with Swami Vyasa Prasad, friend of Steve the Landlord of Santa Fe New Mexico, the Royal City of the Holy Faith of San Francisco de Asis).

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