May 22, 2009

The Gospel of the Shisha Illumination on Scribd

Another test of the internet vanity press website Scribd, this older work "the Gospel of the Shisha" will also appear in the upcoming collection Prophecy & Doggerel.

"Breathe slower, make your breathing perfect, & your breathing will beget more breathing."

With old-timey photos by Mr Quill & a painting by Grainne Proinseas.
Gospel of the Shisha - S. Sandrigon

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EssÄ…n Dragone said...

I'm sorry the days of the free preview are over, I'm experimenting with selling it on scribd! Buy it for a dollar!

You can still read all of our hookah poetry for free at our Department of the Shisha. But the illuminated version is very beautiful & well worth one dollar.