May 27, 2009

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From Pele's Sweet Employ, original vue d'optiques:

I recommend the Chronicles of Aishe, properly anticlimactic, recently concluded at Mr Quill's All Forgotten Bulgarious Blog. It starts with a startling story about one of his thirteen-year-old students running away:
A week ago, Aishe told her parents she was going to a Green School Camp for the break, stole her mother's purse, and disappeared. The rumor is that she went to a nearby village and married a boy. With that, it seems that my involvement in her life, however cursory it was, has come to an end. Don't think that I'm saying that if I had pushed her harder and somehow turned her into an exemplary English student, something else might have happened. [...] This is all assuming that the rumor is true and that she doesn't show up in school again next week.
We'd all been waiting in suspense for updates, & today the cliff-hanger gets unhung:
In fact, mere hours after writing the original Aishe entry, I ran into Aishe herself at the Popovo train station. I had been discussing her with Sevi who told me that she had not actually gotten married as the rumor was suggesting at the time. She had told her mother that she was going to the green camp, received money to pay for it, and then had stolen her mother's purse and disappeared. It turns out she had arranged to stay at the home of a woman in a nearby village where they spent the week drinking away the money she had acquired.
I like the analysis:
At first the meeting struck me as distinctly bizarre. Do kids really run off on benders with random older women? In conversation with Mister Olaf Mary, however, I was reminded that drinking with older kids at the train station is actually pretty standard teenage behavior.
Now that she's a regular character on your website, we expect CONTINUING ADVENTURES. Also from Bulgarity, on May 24th, Mr Anton, a friend of Mr Quill's & his translator, celebrated:
I would like to inform all the readers who do not speak & read Bulgarian that today is The Day of Bulgarian Script and Culture - the day of the saints Cyril and Methodius who are Bulgarians.

If you are still unaware of these saints I present you a simple example: You legally read The Holy Bible in English namely due to these Bulgarian brothers. Bearing in mind that the computer was invented by Bulgarian - Jonh Atanassov, as well as the first plane bombing was done by Bulgarians - no wonder why Miss Utah is Bulgarian too!
A step aside from these facts I proudly present the students and teachers from Ivan Vasov School in Varna, where I teach English.
And, daresay: "It's all Greek to me" is a good and vivid expression!
Lastly, I thought the Huffington Post was joking when I saw "SUPREME COURT STYLE: Who's the Best dressed Justice?" Don't they all wear the same robes? But, no, they actually had a slideshow & poll.


pele said...

Penglai has been Lost, Found, Forgotten and Remembered! Not unlike Aishe, Cryil and Methodius, the Unforgettable Miss Utah and the Just Fashions. We shall rise again, and again, and again, and again!

EssÄ…n Dragone said...

Begin again.

antonabadzhiev said...

When I was much younger she used to be Isaura, didn't she...?

Anton said...

Captain Frederick Marryat wrote for some years "Japhet, in Search of Father". It was published by parts in a newspaper till finished in 1836.
When British ships met in open sea on the post route, signals were exchanged, whatever the weather was. The code was, "Has the Father been found yet?"
The post carriers used three different flags to answer: "Yes! Not,yet... and Not sure..."
But you know that better...