May 12, 2009

Bulgarious Blog Reunion

On December 31st, 2008, politica & fashionista for Grainne Proinseas wrote:

I have only one resolution for 2009:

to have a real-time real space reunion with my friends who are also writers for this blog and other mutual friends. I recommend eastern europe/near bulgaria to facilitate quill's attendance. trans-siberian rail ought to be taken into consideration as well. I have thought about getting to eastern europe by way of overland journey via alaska. This is my only resolution. i hope it will be adopted by others as well. we should all start squirreling away money right now.

I will not say how this money was squirreled away, but squirreled away it was. I am happy to announce that on July 1st 2009, Miss Proinseas, Mr Mary Mohammad, Mr Quill, & myself, the newly re-aliased Essąn Dragone, will RENDEZVOUX IN BUCHAREST, followed by travels thru bulgarity & the turkish-speaking world. (We will not arrive via Palinistan or by zeppelin, of course, but thru more conventional vessels of international transit.) How are you, readers, doing on your new years resolutions? Still smoking CIGARETTES? Re-acquired your love handles? Because Grainne's motherloving resolution has been RESOLVED.

I kindly invite you to read this blog in July 2009 for our witty & eloquent TRAVEL DISPATCHES.

Bulgaria, if you are unfamiliar with this country, is the birthplace of Miss Utah Laura Kirilova Chukanov:


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SueWelsch said...

I will be reading your posts religiously, since I have never been to Eastern Europe except one small journey into Eastern Berlin for a tour when the wall was still up in the 70's.

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