April 30, 2009

"We have a hard time keeping her in clothes"

I was worried I was spending too much time at home on the computer, so I came to the library to use their computers. It was a strange coincidence that, on the week that my Firefox browser has been crashing all the time, I worked as a waiter at a shwanky party for the Mozilla people. I resisted the tempatation to ask for computer help while working behind the soup bar, & I love their AdBlock add-on too much to put my saliva in their Celery Root bisque (which was delicious).

I am listening to the second half of Olaf Mary's "Jenny Ruth 'Bill Clinton' Crawford" Mix Tape Was Lost, too long for one sitting last night, which I recommend especially if you are a young woman going thru some confusing changes. Mr Mary Mohammad, who is the wonderful singer singing "We are riding in a boat to sail" about half-way thru?

Speaking of my housemate's name, & also of the 21st Century ease of finding people with your identical name, we call them namelgängers, my father sent us this image from Reno's Fox News website:

I'm facebook friends with a James Welsch who's a bluegrass musician in Maine, & there's also a classical composer in New York. James Welsch & I proposed starting a James Welsch band. Remember when we found dozens of James Quills, James Quilliam, & James Quillers?

The last anecdote comes from Miss Waswo, who's car is broke down in a small ghost town in California right now. The story is long & descriptive, as only things that happen to her can be, but culminates in being cornered by a creepy man with two chihuahuas. He told her one of his chihuahuas was "BRUTALLY RAPED", but the upside was, that's how he got the other chihuahua. My question is, how does one know when chihuahua love is consensual?

I also wanted to recommend putting "Dolly & Friends" on your Netflix queue. It's spectacular. She's amazingly pure in the 70s, & her guests are fabulous. Except for Kenny Rogers, who seemed like he got a little sauced before going on her show. Dolly Parton will always love you, & as we've learned from the opening song, whenever she's with us she thinks of butterflies:

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Olaf Mary said...

Sir, James,

None other than Karen Carpenter singing one of my favorite songs.

your anne murray installment reminded me of the pure genius of Karen Carpenter.

I love Karen Carpenter.
try and track down the song titled "Goofus" another genius Carpenters song.