April 17, 2009

Super-Substance-Mind in the World

There was an above average selection of suggested links & websites in my e-mail inbox this morning, so let's review them one by one.

Mr Mary alerts us to this "op-archive" in the New York Times, a unnamed diarist walked around after Lincoln was assassinated & drew & copied down everything he saw written in store windows, et cetera. "We both read the same bible. We both pray to the same God" at 850 Broadway - people were quite poetic on this occasional in that day.

Pop Waffle tweets a Milwaukeean man's cover of Beyoncé's Single Ladies.

I like this version far better than the loud original. Methinks the songs has a beautiful chord progression. What's the fun of single ladies if they're bitching about missed marriage opportunity? There's also this version by Iman Crosson, the web's best Obama impersonator.

Pele e-mails:

Quoth a Balkan Listserv ~

Notes on Bulgarians in America:

Laura Chukanov is Miss Utah 2009 and will compete for the title of Miss USA on NBC, Sunday, April 19th in Las Vegas.

"Laura Kirilova Chukanov was born in Sofia, Bulgaria on June 5th, 1986. Laura and her family immigrated to the United States in 1990 when her father's career in alternative energy research blossomed."

She is stunningly beautiful, but the intriguing part is that her father is a PhD researcher in "alternative energy" - plasma, "ball lightning" ?? - google "Kiril Chukanov" for more information. Could some of the engineers and physicists here enlighten us?


On Dr Chukanov's website, beside links to his daughter's Beauty Pageant success, is a graphic with Michaelangelo's God overlooking the spinning world & some physicists' theology like "God - the Super-Substance-Mind in the World - is not Creator & Destroyer of the World."

Finally, from last night, the Stephen Colbert Coalition lampoon of these bizarre "storm gathering" Anti-Gay Marriage ads:
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ß. Andrigon said...

Frank Rich wrote in The New York times today:

Yet easy to mock as “Gathering Storm” may be, it nonetheless bookmarks a historic turning point in the demise of America’s anti-gay movement.

See, it's not just a ridiculous commercial, it's important.