April 29, 2009

Schismatic Board Meeting Minutes, 29 April 2009

The Board of Lost of It held an emergency meeting today, to discuss roma-bulgaric travel plans & also a shuffling in the department leadership assignations (as indicated in the "contributors" sidebar, now updated with relevant links: Olaf encourages you to listen to his Mix Tape Was Lost contributions, Quill to read his chronicles & Grainne to visit the artwork on her site.) There was a nasty schism about corvids, & in the interest of partial transparency we publish an excerpt from the board meeting minutes:

Olaf: anyway, Editor - i would be much obliged if you added corvid neuroscientist or researcher

i guess i prefer researcher
11:21 AM if you think it helps our bottom line
me: The board needs to vote on it.
Olaf: okay
me: Would anyone like to nominate Liam as itwaslost.org's official corvid neuroscientist?
Grâce: I don't want liam to be upset.
so, okay
Olaf: hm.
please do not patronize my research
Grâce: no, i mean give him a chance, he says he will back it up with posts
11:22 AM me: Is this a sympathy nomination? That's no way to run a corporation,
Olaf: yes, I will
Grâce: give him a chance to prove himself
me: Could someone please pass the cheese?
Olaf: i dont like you attitude
havent I?
me: All in favor say "ay"
Grâce: ay
me: We have one "ay".
J___ Quill: ay
11:23 AM me: Any dissents?
Olaf: oh SHIIIT!
me: Boom!
Grâce: make it like chrysler- we will give time to prove long-terrm corvid viability
Olaf: BAM!
me: The board is divided.
Cheese break.
Olaf: no it isnt
two votes ay
one vote nay
me: It's sad when there's a fifty-fifty tie.
11:24 AM I can't think of any way to resolve it.
J____ Quill: there are other votes though
me: My nay was really loud tho.
Olaf: oh
11:25 AM Grâce: everything is the same volume in chat
Olaf: we have spent too much time on this - let's move one!
Grâce: cosmo is an obvious ay
me: Brains passed as a the Secretary of the Department of Nonviolent Nondriving in a secret midnight session.
Grâce: an ay one can take for granted
Olaf: closed doors
me: Hookah-smoke-filled room.
11:27 AM J___ Quill: hookah
me: I hereby resolve that we need to hear more from Cosmo Wernicky. She never writes.
11:28 AM J____ Quill: second
me: All in favor.
Grâce: third
J____ Quill: ay
Olaf: AY!
Grâce: ay
Olaf: [...]
me: Corumba
Olaf: I take up all of her internet time
me: A likely story!
Olaf: i apologize
11:29 AM soon she will be more situated and with regular computing access
11:30 AM same goes for Southwerf!
Grâce: quill, how is your cat?
J____ Quill: my Turkish tutor is caring for him at the moment, because I've been out of my apartment a lot lately
soon I will reclaim him
11:31 AM Grâce: I look forward to hanging out with him
J____ Quill: haha. if you tell him you've been studying Turkish, he'll start babbling away to you
me: Are you drinking bulgick beer [...]?
11:32 AM J____ Quill: rakia
and hookah-smokin
me: Damn!
What a board meeting.

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