April 01, 2009

Poll Closed! Brooklyn Bridge slams New Tay Bridge in popular vote!

Oh no! The poll in the sidebar is closed & the Brooklyn Bridge has WON by a margin of 53%-46%!! It is a whopping but Pyrrhic victory! If you missed the rap battle / dirty mudslinging campaign, here is a brief recap of the arguments:

19th Century Dundee poet William Topaz McGonagall's "An Address to the New Tay Bridge" rediscovered as a revolutionary proto-hip-hop:

The Brooklyn Bridge's poet D.B. Steinem HAMMERS BACK:

William Topaz McGonagall raps nostalgic about the Tay Bridge Disaster:

A mysteriously-funded PAC releases this radio spot asking Brooklyn Bridge: "BUT IS IT LONG ENOUGH?"

Another radio ad appears in time, maturely reasoning "Tay Bridge, Schmay bridge".

An artist renders the Brooklyn Bridge in bold asian strokes.

The polls close &, in a shocking upset, the Brooklyn Bridge has been voted America's Bridge. The New Tay Bridge loyalists regroup.


Olaf Mary said...

Stay Tuned for more Celebrations and memories from the Brooklyn Camp

ß. Andrigon said...

Well, like we say in Scotland, it ain't over yet.