April 15, 2009

MySpace: So horrible that it's now retro?

Remember when MySpace was, in the words of Christopher Guest & the Folksmen, very "now-tro." I'm wondering if it's now so old school that it's cool again? It's such an ugly messy beast. Anyway, now that MySpace music allows you to post TEN songs, I've added a bunch of my demo mp3 four-part shape-note tunes to the S. Sandrigon myspace - http://www.myspace.com/ssandrigon. The scores & mp3s for all those songs are posted thru-out this website, under the Department of Western Harmony.

Also, if you missed it the first time round, there is a MySpace for the MC Pseudo-Dionysius / Gold Diamonds project The Celestial Hierarchy EP - http://www.myspace.com/mcpseudodionysius. I got bored promoting that album, but I was just listening to it - as it sounds best, way too loud on headphones - & I fear that somewhere out on the streets of Ashby Avenue, the MC-Pseudoh-Pseudoh & his flanks of large-breasted angels are plotting a comeback, if you can call coming from nothing a comeback.

Mr Quill has an interesting post on his no-longer-undisclosed Forgotten blog about what people have searched in google to reach his website - including "Man expresses views by rapping at town meetings" - which reminded me I hadn't googilied myself in awhile. I found that someone misquoted one of my shisha poems in a post quoting a bunch of poetry about hookahs - here.
I have smoked my nargileh
With holly men & sing-song writers
(S. Sandrigon: Song of Shisha, Hookah Poetry)
I'm honored to be honored as one of the great writers who have written of the hookah, & I believe in holly men, I believe that they exist & smoke the nargileh & I would smoke the nargileh with holly men. I also believe in sing-song, изпееш песен in Bulgarian, & I would write it & smoke nargileh with myself.

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ß. Andrigon said...

Yes, with that picture, I was trying to draw a comparison between North Korea's former dictator Kim Il-Sung, & MySpace, both so horrible that they're retro.