April 20, 2009

Letter to Barack Obama: "stop smoking NOW"

Man, I loved these letters to Barack Obama that the New York Times posted today, with his responses. There was an article about the White House mailman, who sorts thru the thousands of incoming mail to give ten a day to the President. "We pick messages that are compelling," he said, "things people say that, when you read it, you get a chill." Here's a moving one telling the Father-in-Chief to stop smoking (click on it to read it large):
I wish they'd post more of them, & not just the touching ones. Writing to the President is an interesting art form, I assume attracts a lot of eccentrics. It's like Pascal's Wager: I guess the tiny chance it would be read outweighs the likeliness of its insignificance.

Remember the This American Life radio episode that had all the kids reading their letters to Obama? The whole episode is here, & there's a bunch of mp3s of the kids there also. I think it was part of a Dave Eggers project, & there's a book with many of them published at 826 Valencia. Here's Sheenie:

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