April 24, 2009

Fake Wedding Party Photo Shoot

Dolly Parton uttered, "you'd be surprised how much it costs to look this cheap." We proved the opposite principal true at our FAKE WEDDING - here's the third set of photos, of the wedding party & extended family, up in Claremont Canyon in the Berkeley Hills, Celebrating Fake Love for Eternity & a Day:

The Bride & Groom, with the Groomsmen, Maid-of-Honor, & Father-of-the-Bride

The Wedding Party
- Click on that photo for greater detail, & I've provided some handy close-ups:

From left-to-right: New Age Aunt Stella, the Father-of-the-Groom, pervy Uncle Howie.

Groomsman ("Tumbleweed"), Best Man, MILF-of-the-Groom, Groom, Bride, Maid-of-Honor
Seated: Hick shoeless cousin, Conservative bible-thumping cousin.

Bride's Parents, Failed Starlet Childhood friend, Laura Bush,
The US Ambassador to Mauritius, Officiant -

Seated: Ring bearer ("Igor")

Money Father-Daughter shot.

I've got a few more from the hike & cake-cutting, you will wait.
Photos from the ceremony here, the reception here. I believe in Love!

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