April 11, 2009

Elsewhere in the Pianosphere: Liberian Congresswoman Malinda Jackson Parker

A few weeks ago, we spearheaded the initiative to spearhead a new sphere, namely the Pianosphere. To validate Mr Olaf Mary's tweeted claim that "TSEGUE-MARYAM GUEBROU IS THE BEST PIANO PLAYER EVER TO LIVE AND PLAY THE PIANO", we vowed to evaluate some similar piano geniuses, like Father Basil Frison.

Today, we turn to an old favorite, & in a similar vein. Long ago, Sam Amidon gave me the cd "Songs in the Key of Z", which contains one track of the Liberian Congresswoman Malinda Jackson Parker. Here it is:

Congress-Woman Malinda Jackson - Cousin Mosquito

Found at bee mp3 search engine
I recently put this on a gourd-making mix-CD for Friend-of-the-Blog "Big Mama" Raleigh, among thirty other tracks, this is the one she was dying to have identified & was wondering if there was more. There is! I just found out you can get that entire EP, Tubman Goodbye Songs of Liberia, from iTunes, & you can listen to the entire album on LAST Fm - go here. There's even a second movement to the Mosquito song. Here's the e-mail from Big Mama:

from"Big Mama" Raleigh ____@yahoo.com
dateSun, Mar 22, 2009 at 8:50 AM
subjectRe: More of Liberian Congresswoman Malinda Jackson-Parker

Thanks for sending this. I like the [first] version you sent better because she sings a lot more of the cousincousincousincousincousin
cousincousincousincousincousincousincousincousin cousincousincousincousincousincousincousincousincousincousincousin

How in the world do you find such obscure stuff? Do your Negro friends recommend these? I LOVE 'em! Speaking of, I just made reservations for us to see Ladysmith Black Mambaso here in July.
Thank you, James.
Big Mama, Bishop of Bend

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pele said...

I tried to convince Mr. Holt to perform her compositions a few years ago. 99cents for 4 to 8 minutes of genius is a great value!