April 22, 2009

Earf People Day

In the early days of this weblog, I wrote about Nonviolent Nondriving, my tiny personal movement to not drive a car. Since cars kill more than wars, nondriving is inherently nonviolent. (More people die in Israel from car accidents than from violence. In the US, we kill around forty thousand people a year in car accidents, compared to around two thousand firearm deaths.) ANYWAY, not to mention pollution. Happy Earf Day Earf People & Lizard People! New York to California! 

We just noticed that Brains Aha!, our Sports & Leisure correspondent, has been covertly blogging also at a website called carfreeusa.blogspot.com, which is about many things, but principally about a carfree USA. A few days ago he posted this link to my facebooks wall:

People have been pushing to turn Berkeley's pedestrian-busy Telegraph Avenue into something akin to Cornmarket Street in Oxford, England - buses & lorries okay, there's no reason to have a personal car on it. Parts of Berkeley, like most of Oxford, is just too damned complicated to drive around in anyway, not to mention parking. Also not to mention pollution, & societies & communities ripped apart by car roads.

Also for Earth Day, I recommend this Huffington Post post, a list of statistics about livestock's impact on the environment. Remember it takes six pounds of grain to make one pound of meat, & eleven times as much fossil fuel.

So today I inaugurate itwaslost.org's Department of Nonviolent Nondriving, as part of our larger Imaginary American anti-Lizard People initiative spearheading.


Brains said...

Awesome. If it you please may I to yes Department of Nonviolent Nondriving secretary to be?

ß. Andrigon said...

UPDATED: my father corrected my statistics.

Brains, am I interpreting correctly that you wish to nominate yourself as the Secretary for the Department of Nonviolent Nondriving? It'll have to survive a rigorous vetting process & a board vote, but the board is full of softies easily bribed with Jim Beam.